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A tragedy banner

3 PPCLI Banner

Killed in Action
(by US friendly fire, 17 April, 2002!)

Sgt. Marc D. Leger
Cpl. Ainsworth Dyer
Pte. Richard A. Green
Pte. Nathan Smith.

A fallen soldier comes home
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Wounded in Action
(by US friendly fire, 17 April, 2002!)

Sgt. Lorne E. Ford
Cpl. Rene Paquette
Mas. Cpl. Curtis R. Hollister
Cpl. Brett R. Perry
Pte. Norman D. Link
Cpl. Shane R. Brennan
Mas. Cpl. Stanley P. Clark
Cpl. Brian M. Decaire

Please click here to read about the actions of PPCLI snipers.

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Royal Canadian Regiment Badge
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Killed in Action
(by land mine, 2 October, 2003!)

Sgt. Robert Alan Short
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Sgt. Robert Alan Short, 42,
Fredericton NB

Cpl. Robbie Christopher Beerenfengersrc
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Cpl. Robbie Christopher Beerenfenger, 29,
Ottawa ON

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Wounded in Action
(by the same land mine, 2 October, 2003!)

Master Cpl. Jason Cory Hamilton,
33, Regina, AB
Cpl. Cameron Lee Laidlaw, 25,
Oromocto, NB.
Cpl. Thomas Stirling, 23,
Assiniboia, SK.

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Killed in Afghanistan
(By suicide bomber January 27, 2004)

brendan_murphy.jpg (5075 bytes)

Cpl. Jamie Brendan Murphy, 26,
Conception Harbour, Nfld

Wounded in Afghanistan
(By suicide bomber January 27, 2004)

Lt. Jason Matthew Feyko, 30
of Peterborough, Ont

Cpl. Jeremy Gerald MacDonald, 30,
of Burnt Island, Nfld.

Cpl. Richard Michael Newman, 23,
of Heartland, N.B.

To learn more about this mission and the most recent news about this tragedy, please connect to the following links.

The RCR Home Page
International Security Assistance Force Web Site
Operation Athena: Canadian Units in Afghanistan, by CBC News Online


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