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My Father, Russ Lloyd

My dad was originally from Kingston Ont. where he attended Kingston Collegiate and Vocational Institute. He left KCVI in Sep. of 1939, and in April of 1940 enlisted in the RCAF as a Clerk.

RCAF Badge

April 29, 1940 dad enlisted in the RCAF and was assigned to the 1 Manning Depot in Toronto. He held the rank of AC2 (Aircraftsman Second Class), and was given the trade classification of Clerk - Group 2.

On the 6th of May, he was sent on Temporary Duty to RCAF Headquarters in Ottawa.

On the 29th of July he was promoted to AC1.

On the 22nd of Aug. he was assigned to the Technical Training School in St. Thomas Ont.

LAC Lloyd
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On the 1st of Oct. he was upgraded to Clerk B.

On the 29th of Oct. he was promoted to LAC (Leading Aircraftsman).

On the 1st of Jan. 1941 he was upgraded to Clerk A.

Mom and Dad
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On the day after Valentine's Day in 1941 he married Lily Mist in Toronto.

On the 7th of Apr. he was upgraded to Clerk Steno.

On the 15th of Apr. he was promoted to Cpl.

On the 1st of July he was promoted to Sgt.

On the 3rd of July he was posted to 11 Bomber and Reconnaissance Sqn. at Dartmouth N.S.

This was a fully operational combat Sqn. that participated in the Battle of The Gulf of St. Lawrence. The Squadron earned the battle honour “North West Atlantic” during this period for engaging enemy U- Boats in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

On the 14th of May, 1942 dad was posted to 162 Bomber and Reconnaissance Sqn. at Yarmouth N.S.

This was another fully operational combat Sqn. that participated in the Battle of The Gulf of St. Lawrence. The Squadron also earned the battle honour “North West Atlantic” during this period for engaging enemy U- Boats in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

On the 18th of July he was posted to RCAF Sherburne.

On the 10th of Sep. dad was posted to 1 Manning Depot in Toronto.

On the 1st of Dec. he was promoted to F/Sgt. and upgraded to Clerk Admin. A.

On the 18th of Apr.1943 he was assigned to No. 1 Initial Training School, Toronto.

On the 4th of May dad was assigned to the Overseas Transit Depot, Halifax.

Note: Dad went on Special Leave from 2 May to 16 May, in order to move his wife Lily, to Toronto in preparation for transfer overseas. On May 16, 1943 he left Union Stn. in Toronto aboard a train headed for a ship in Halifax which was to take him to England, and the War. Minutes after the train pulled out of the station, mom went into labour, and before dad could reach Halifax, I was born. A Toronto newspaper, The Telegram, found out about the soldier leaving for war and ran a small story in the next day's paper.

On the 26th of May 1943 F/Sgt Russ Lloyd was posted to the RAF Training Pool in England.

On the 5th of June he was Taken On Strength at 3 Personnel Reception Center at Innsworth. This center was a sorting out stop for RCAF personnel arriving in England. While here, personnel were given brief training on gas masks etc. while waiting to be dispersed to their various postings. At any given time there could be upwards of 6,000 airmen and airwomen waiting for transfer.

On the 16th of June he was transferred to RCAF Stn. Digby, and remained there until the 8th of December when he returned to 3 PRC.

On the 27th of Apr. 1944 he was detached to Innsworth.

From the 28th of June to the 1st of July he was at the Air Ministry for some reason.

On the 31 of Aug. 1944 he was posted to 6 Bomber Group HQ at Allerton Park. In 1943 the Allies were stepping up the bombing campaign against the Axis, and one of the changes to reorganize Bomber Command, was the formation of 6 Bomber Group, an all Canadian group, with their squadrons equipped with heavy bombers like the Lancaster and Halifax.

There is no point in me listing the losses and accomplishments of 6 Group here. There are several sites that do a far better job of that than I could. Links to some of those sites are below.

Xmas Card
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The Christmas card that was sent home by dad shows Allerton Castle, along with a logo in the upper right corner, which is a Maple Leaf, with a bomb going through the center of a large 6. The card was created by “Nappie” Duchak.

If anyone knows anything of Nappie, or has one of these cards, please email me. For more about Nappie, please go to 415 Squadron's tribute to Nappie Duchak

On the 17th of Oct. 1945 , after 13 months in the heart of the the air war, dad left 6 Gp Hq and proceeded to 25 ACHU at Tholthorpe, and on the 16th of Nov. 1945, he arrived back in Canada.

Meeting Dad
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Upon dadīs return the paper was notified, and sent a photographer to record the meeting of son and dad for the first time. The picture above appeared in the Toronto paper showing a bewildered young lad wondering who this stranger is.

On 15 December 1945, dad was released from the RCAF and returned to civilian life.


The Defence Medal Volunteer Service Medal The War Medal, 1945 General Service Badge

The Defence Medal

Volunteer Service Medal

The War Medal

General Service Badge

For more information about 6 Bomber Group and Bomber Command, please follow the these links.

Bob Baxter's Bomber Command Homepage

RCAF 6 Group

Also please visit the RCAF Museum.

and the RCAF web site.

Space Bar Peace Time Service

Dad floated around from job to job as a civilian and couldn't seem to settle in. He worked for a time at Weston Bakeries in Toronto, Alcan Canada in Kingston, he even tried selling door to door in Halifax. He just didn't seem to fit.

On the 14th of May, 1956 (2 days before my 13th Birthday) dad went to the recruiting unit in Ottawa and re-enlisted in the RCAF. He was enroled at the rank of LAC, as a Clerk Typist.

On the 27th of May, he was sent to 2MD at St. Jean Que. Even though he had been a F/Sgt 11 years earlier, the powers that be made him go through basic training again! He was refered to by the other students as a "re-tread". Imagine him in basic training with service in WW2! No doubt, there were instructors who didnīt have this experience!

Dad was on course number 5623. Erv Shukoff was also on this course, along with a fellow named Parsons. If anyone out there was on this course, or knows of someone who was, please email me.

On the 28th of July he was TOS (taken on strength) at RCAF Camp Borden. On Sep. 7th he was TOS 1 Technical School, at Aylmer Ont. Here he was learning the new office procedures, and regaining his typing skills. On the 15th of Oct. he made Clerk Typist Group 2

On the 22nd of Oct. he was transferred to Camp Borden to work in the Orderly Room. While there, he aided the team, in a clerical position, which was investigating the crash of an RCAF Expeditor (Beachcraft 18) that killed both the pilot and co-pilot. This crash happened just south of Camp Borden, and I was one of the first on the scene with some of my school friends. On the 15th of Oct. 1957 he made Clerk Typist Group 3

On the 25th of May, 1959 dad was posted to TCHQ at Trenton Ont. On the 22th of June, 1959 he was transferred to RCAF Stn. Winnipeg, Manitoba. On the 1st of Dec. he made Clerk Admin. Gp. 3. Also while in Winnipeg, dad was promoted to Cpl. on 1st of April, 1960.

On the 21st of Nov. 1961, dad was posted to the Orderly Room at the RCAF Staff College in Toronto Ont.

Mom and Dad
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Mom and Dad celebrating their 25th wedding anniversery in 1966.

On the 20th of July. 1966 dad was posted to the Canadian Defence Liaison Staff at Whitehall, London England. He was assigned to Intelligence Liaison! While there, it appears dad did various office duties, along with some courier duties, in and around London. While in London, dad was promoted to Sgt. on April 1st, 1968. He was now almost back to the trade and rank he held during the war.

On July 7th, 1969 dad returned from England and was posted to Toronto, and on 30th of January 1971, dad retired from the RCAF. He was 50 years old.

Cdn Forces Decoration

Dad Russell Joseph Lloyd 1921 - 1986 Poppy Bar

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Please visit their site and learn about the role the Halifax Bomber played in Bomber Command and 6 Group.


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